The Skill Blender

I love to try new creative endeavors. A variety of things like knitting, painting, or even trying to drink something upside down. I admit, that last one might have ended up badly, but it was still worth a try. One of the new things I'm doing is trying to combine the different skills I've learned throughout the years and apply them to one another. I'm sure I could call it application but I like to call it a 'skill blender' instead. Sounds more fun to me.

I spent the past ten years learning how to draw and paint on my PC with a Wacom tablet. I've learned so much ever since I jumped into it. Everything from the basics up to concept art. I love it so much that I used to think that in the future I would find a way to sell my artwork regularly, and I probably could if I tried hard enough. Design and comics seem to be something I've always been interested in but I never thought that I'd use my artwork for writing like I have been lately. 

The process has actually taught me a lot about patience and discovery. I would toil away at my drawing tablet every day, trying to get onto the screen what I imagined in my mind. It wasn't until the day I picked writing back up again that I realized the confusion I had when painting the images I saw in my mind came out much more clear, and precise, if I used the page instead. It's always been difficult for me trying to get out exactly what I see inside my mind with an image, but with writing, it flowed a lot easier and I learned to let go.

I chalk it up to years of wanting to share with people the things I envisioned in my mind; the dreams I had that fueled my creative side. The only problem was that I wasn't using the right tool. As much as I love drawing and painting, I really feel a lot more at home with the pen (or keyboard in this case).

However, the last thing I wanted was to forget all that time I'd spent on artwork and have since spent time learning to incorporate my art skills in with writing. I've been making sketch concepts of characters, maps, and even items for my fantasy universes. I would love to have a large collection of all these things for my stories. Perhaps I'll even share a few here on my blog. I'm curious though, what have other people done with other skills they have and included them with their writing? Have you made a game out of your ideas or baked a cake that had a whole chapter on it that was made of sprinkles? I'd love to know what your 'skill blender' is.


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