Broken Dreams

The once lively prince now a broken king
An effervescent star now surrounded by clouds

The pilgrim wanders in a state of blindness
her secret library undiscovered hidden in the trees

Their labyrinth in between
Love in dreams and memories

Conversations deep in the imagination
Scenes that play out in the heart

Eyes forever closed
One always giving chase

Backs turned to one another
Fear and safety plays it’s part

The pilgrim now a broken queen
A once passionate star now exploring fate

The pilgrim fearful of how much more she can carry
For her losses have been great

Her feet are weary and she wonders
Where is home?

Time can seem so much longer when one wish
continues to build up energy

Silent whispers and a glimpse of hope
Surface thoughts only mask for so long

Communication broken
Unless of the heart

A cord somewhat damaged
Binding connection

Keeping them together
As one is always pulled back up from the edge of uncertainty

For the broken king and queen
May have always been

Yet which one is too afraid to realize the truth of
how long one can sustain a life on broken dreams?


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