Delusional Habitual Hypocrisy

I often get into tangents and debates with friends about the current social politics that seem to invade our current world with a shotgun blast to the face. So I'm going to keep this short.

It's everywhere and trying to get away from it can be a bit tough even if it seems like it might not be a mass opinion at times. I'd like to think that a lot of the thoughts and opinions aren't supported by anyone who thinks with a bit of an open mind but I'm often disappointed when my expectations are a fairy tale. It makes me baffled when there are bombs being dropped and people are mutilating one another over even more dangerous ideologies. Don't get me wrong, I understand why this happens too, but that's another story in and of itself.

The sad thing is, I understand why a lot of people go forward with a gusto that seems like they are fighting against the dissonance they believe is holding them and society back. But often times it scares me how aggressive one can be with their foothold in an ideology that doesn't support open thinking, rational thought, or compassion. It makes me sad because I know people can think, feel, and objectively look at something. Yet society has generated a pervasive need to spread these ideas out of desperation of our own shrinking existence on this insane spinning rock. It doesn't generate any kind of equal footing or thinking, instead it makes people claw at one another in an attempt to be on top. Is that equality? That's my question.

It makes me wonder where the simple sharing of ideas, communication and open thinking has jumped ship to. Sure, I've seen a lot of debunking and fighting back against such ideas but it seems to continuously go around in a loop of a never ending tug 'o' war as another one props up and is disseminated. Is it going to be an endless downward spiral of hypocrisy? I'm not sure but I think about that a lot anyway. I'm only human after all. Damn, what happened to speaking our minds without being told we're not doing it right? Maybe I'm the delusional monkey that doesn't realize it's always been this way? Am I too idealistic? I don't know.

The one thing that I've learned from all of it has been the lack of compassion for those that actually need attention. The real ideas that are hurting our planet as a whole and the slaughtering, the pure greed. It's easy to forget what we don't pay attention to when whatever is in front of us seems more important. I know even I'm guilty of this at times, personal problems are ones own experience. But this leaves me wondering what our next step is. Is the microcosm of human existence doomed to repeat itself to a destructive cycle of "my opinion is more important and therefore you must die"?

It's a poison and it can destroy a person if they let the ideas consume them and define their existence without a thought towards the possibility they could be blinding themselves. It's a carnival ride people. It's just one big party shit show and I leave you with this poem to remind those of us that aren't alone in our way of thinking that one day true freedom of expression, love, and hope for peace isn't just a dream.

This is your carnival
we’re just passengers
These are your rides
they make us dizzy
they make us cry

You're the entertainer
with melancholic tigers
And unmotivated tricks
it makes us sick
it makes us die

One more passenger
Along for the ride
Climb aboard my friend
We promise smiles
but deliver lies

This is your carnival
we’re tired of the games
These are your rides
and we always wonder

When will this gruesome entertainment die?


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