No More Pain

The pain begins to subside
Replaced by the most beautiful flow of love
Grown from the shadowy reaches of destruction
The choking ivy begins to release
A metamorphosis to an endless fountain

I understand and I am no longer afraid
I can only see the sunshine as it poured over us
The moments that it seemed the moon illuminated your frame
Only the artistry of this love flows through me
The pain is gone

I find peace in the most random of moments
The voices of those around me go dim
A smile spreads on my face
My soul speaks to me
I’m dancing in a field of tender truth
Fear and regret abolished
Forgiveness and love pours through me

I plead and hope this isn’t temporary
I am drunk on it’s pureness

Oh how we danced under the moon my love
Kissed by the shore
Dreamt upon the stars
Tasted and explored our fires
Joined as the lovers
Etched in time
We could have taken on anything
Our season was the most authentic thing I’ve known

My heart soars
A spark in my soul
It’s soothing
A small ache of yearning
But only bliss remains
Only love I wish to give

The cosmos told me their secrets
My body crashed down
All my life suffering came to this point
It was all so fast
A phoenix emerging
I can only see your smile

An incantation for my love
As I awake in the night
To the feeling of the purest freedom

A wish of only seeing your smile
and knowing you’re happy everyday
It’s more than enough
Perhaps the universe will one day grant me my second chance
To show you my appreciation
But I will flow love for you
Love is all there is

I know it’s written in the stars
I’m not scared
For once my eyes are open
All because of you


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