The Heart of the Wolf

Only through losing can we truly begin to understand how lost we were to ourselves. I never gave up hope as I was burned by fire and graced with the beauty of this life of suffering. The sorrow through darkness can only be lit up when the fire knows we are ready. It consumes greatly but there is a glowing phoenix waiting on the other side.

There is a secret place for those who can love fully and never be afraid of the bliss that waits around the corner. The heart cannot be tamed and this gives me happiness to know it will always be this way. Anything less would be a tragedy.

The heart is like a wolf that runs free in the open, I will give it over to the wind and let it play in the trees. Placing a whisper on its currents.

Then perhaps, one day, I will get to see what magic can truly be.

I've felt it's essence once when the sun kissed our hands enclosed. I'll never forget.

Only the stars await. There is nothing left to say until that day.


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