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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Shadow of My Dreams

I’m wandering
Following unlit trails
Jagged stones beneath me
Dark caverns above me
Creatures slithering around me

Where do I go?
Can’t find the center
Can’t find the exit
Head spinning
Forward, backwards

A man
A shadow that has haunted me for years
Beckons me
he takes my hand and leads me toward a purple light
A gate
A dark forest awaiting beyond it’s iron spikes
Black but divine twisting trees
A sky filled with combusting stars

The shadow looks through me
A face darkened from my view
Try to see who it is
What exists behind those eyes that have haunted me?
Do I know you?
An odd comfort
A phantom I’ve dreamt of for decades
Saw in my peripheral vision
Glimpses in reflections
Presence in the night
Deep embedding

Formless, he walks through the gate
I try to follow
The gate won’t open
Want to leave
Darkness consuming me

Feel him
Heavy breathing
A whisper in my ear
Such a familiar voice

“I’ve always been here.”

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