A Lesson

Words will never push the boundary line
as silence will always descend from pure intention

Glossing over this shaded tree as I find only more layers in suffering
the strength is inside ourselves beneath the fading leaves

If a thousand tears couldn't break the fortress then nothing will
and yet I always returned to your wheel of pain

I always loved you no matter how much distance
no matter how much time displaced

And here the universe has shown me true loves lessons
that it was deeper than my own perception

Where do I end and you begin? 
Through pain as I hold this space and purge our stain

Heartbeat after heartbeat
One over the other, alive

Grief and regret are a pity of the potent kind
no time for that or understanding of one's own plight

Got better things to do when the heart breaks fast
and the soul climbs it's cross 

Surprised to see those tired eyes 
Life dies inside as the mirror never lies

It will be okay. It will be okay. 
Repeat this to ourselves everyday

As the soul cries out for understanding 
but only personal discovery will provide

But like the silent years of suffering
it can fade away and present no compassion

This punishment gives birth to so much more
if one can rise above the painful lessons

And yet I will always understand your shade
because I know what is behind that curtain

Eyes of fire and blood that boils
with freedom of heart and spirit

Even if you die inside, I stay attached
and my other half drowns in quicksand

As I let you go, release this boat
watch your back fade as this river takes you away

It must be done
that is the lesson

But there will always be that heartbeat
no matter the years of pain

The stars will only know your return
even if that's never and my soul flies away


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