Chasing Stars

The wanderers that dance at Lucifer's song of human recognition of condition
Out through the ivy tangled fingers we caress emptiness
I dream a dream of the clouds encircled
As collision with the pointed eye pulls me down
In the puzzle of this endless circle of implosive thoughts
Created an immortalization in the universe of the forever kiss
In eternity and slumbering with back turned, eyes closed
Masked and drudged of the molasses emotions that bring it down
Caress existence in the pond of celestial ecstasy in the softened eye
No longer find the words that can tend a soul hungry for succulent truth
So consume the apple of pining in Eve’s embodiment of love and sinners knowledge
If the planets explode in the flurry of amber origin only then it’s wisdom revealed
We the dreamers who constantly chase after stars that shade from our view
To suffer will forever be our ambrosial drink that drips from trembling fingers
Into empty mouths that never quench without pure beats of mercy for longing bliss


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