Eleven to One

Where do you end and I begin?
A passenger inside these lungs
Your heart howls
Your soul cries in pain
No peace in twilight
Only a few moments 
I know this familiar sting 
Eleven to One
The clock tells your fate
I watch, wait for your sleep
Eleven to One
Irregular heartbeats
Is it worth the momentary calm?
The sting of your concoted release
Relish the toxin you use to feel peace
My eyes blur 
Your metamorphosis complete
The lie 
Pulling me towards your event horizon
I hold this pain
Punishment never tasted so sweet
A bleeding heart will persist
As I stand on this Golgotha
Watching you crucify yourself
I pull the nails 
They never leave
The thorned king will deny the truth
As his wings dissolve in vain


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