Your flames burn me 
I dance feverishly upon the ash for you
Your light beckons me
I am beautifully bewildered and hungry

Darkness surrounds me
I drink your licking flames 
Scorch me finely
I savor the spark

Speak to me in devouring tongues
The language of the sun
I crave inertia between us
It whispers faintly to my cells

Pushing and pulling 
sighing as one for eternity 
On my right 
Eros' arrow pierces through me

Your bow precise
of flesh and soul
Ravish through my weakness
Pleasure in this coaxing pain

Weak in the knees
pulsating in my veins
Purest light claims me
Collision divine cradles me

On my left
Erebus defines me
Restrains me
Panting swirls of intoxicating plume

Burn me and make me surrender
Ignite my swelling
Tease my patience
Carnal wildfires burn inside me

You tempt me across time
With your precision
I still shatter at your silent gaze
And kneel before your ravishing

Since ancient times Eros stalks me
Hunts me 
Destroys me graciously
And I always succumb as he consumes me


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