The Game of Life

Life is a game. When we look at the difference between ourselves and the experiences that we draw to our lifetime, it's so easy to spot what kind of characters we are playing out. Especially if you have any kind of self awareness to the polarity of your own characteristics. Your strengths and your weaknesses. Your positive and negative qualities. Whatever way your internal value system has led you to believe what you think is good or bad (in any spectrum possibly) reflects in what you do when you navigate.

Sure, accepting the good and bad of yourself is the best way to have a good judge of your own character. And in a lot of ways this is true. But even in between the acceptance of those characteristics, are we truly finding a harmony or just accepting what happens to 'be' because of the experience we create through following our own cycle/piece in the game? Are we just accepting our part in the game? Is it fully possible to accept every good and bad part of yourself; or by simply having that awareness does it bring forth a harmony that presents your true experience; instead of it living through you as you go through the game?

What if you realized the character you were playing? Bringing awareness to the fact that your own existence has a pattern through which you are doing everything. Whether it's on a scientific level through genetics, ancestry, upbringing, or spiritual; all of us have a perceived notion of what we believe is supposed to be the way we are to live our life. (Or in this case, play the game of life.) This is all due to the experiences we've drawn in or patterns we've inherited.

As we push through everyday, or at least what we realize as time due to the past and future, cycles continue to keep playing themselves out over and over. Hell, life in itself is a cycle; but the one thing that sets us aside from raw nature is the consciousness of our own existence. We make choices, try new things, go through experiences, and attract all kinds of different things to our life; which gives us more experience to our character that we push through the game. Everything you learn can be applied to the game. We do it all the time.

So, if one is aware of these dynamics that push us through the game everyday, do you manipulate it or do you eject from it? You might even say that manipulating the game is still playing it. But by seeing your piece on the chessboard, are you actually self aware enough to step aside and see the everyday dynamics playing out in front of your face and recreate the experience?

Does this give you the ability to create your own existence away from the game that feels more true to yourself instead of the part in the game your continuing to play? By seeing your own duality, and polarizing it, are you creating a space that lets you truly live outside of the game without the need for a power struggle? Where does this lead? To more creation? Just a thought.


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