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Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Chaotic waves abound in the sea of past whispers
Navigation of stars that create fire inside me
Only subsides with polarity and alignment
Crashing waves take me down out and through
The abyss below me and universal truth above me
A tug of war between the soul and mind
Pain doesn’t lie but will this destroy me?
I fall and burn, embrace the pain to survive
Exhilaration and destruction
The darkness calls me but the light beckons
Which will save me from this suffering?
A supplicant of the universal test
What is the truth of this pain?
An outsider
A vagabond with clarity
No mortal man believes with their eye
Only the mad man with the same map as I
I will endure the silence and the pain
Until deliverance upon the stars aligns
And I can finally return

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