The stranger asked inquisitively
"But how could you keep going?"
She answered assuredly
"Because that is survival."
His eyes focused on her lips
"But how can you keep smiling?"
She crinkled her nose
"Because that is hope."
His hands took hers gently
"But how can these keep creating?"
She interlaced his fingers
"Because a life without this is dead."
His eyes met with hers daringly
"But how can you still see?"
She gazed at him intently
"Because I know peoples secrets."
He moved in closer and held her face
"But how can you still dream?"
She pressed her hand to his cheek
"Because I have seen the fires and death."
He kissed her as if it were home
"But how can you still love?"
She pressed his fingers to her lips
"Because that's all that's real."
He embraced her gently
"But how do you still breathe?"
She buried her face in his shoulder
"Because of you I continue on."
The stranger disappeared. 


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