The Dancers Illusion

And the creature consumed his heart in the city that divides man from his truth
She knows the way
With myths of plasticity and hope that expends its own lens
The liar seeps it’s pleasure in
A tragedy to intellect and cognition
It’s teeth that gnashed and created a bloodless skin
Ripped apart the muscle and vigor
With the light expended in his veins
There is a cliff that projects his eyes
In a tale as old as daemon
the corrupted angels that whispered lies
The only truth he knows in forceful caresses
Things out of control he looks to the eye of normalcy
As back and down through that pit every night on his back
His ears are seeping with a vain poison
Of women who call themselves respected
But a hive mind cackles and lacks their own perceptions
In the nature of his own destruction
He lost his way in well meaning choices
Credit and fame on a slippery slope of regurgitated passion
It was a gamble
He thought that love could wait because time would abide his decision
Instead the man ravaged his breath for others demands
He is blind to the lifetime chances
The dancers epilogue forever the sons illusion
With the beauty of her tired gaze as she dances on his ashes
Destroys the heart and replaces it with expectation
Mom knows best as the worms feed and climb
Sucks away his life and plucks out progression
Creates a creature that accepts forever
And behold on a late spring night
The creatures twin speaks with vigor

“Out damn spot, Juliet professes, fragile kisses, dramas inflicted, that’s not how it works princess,
I saw his loneliness more than once in the father, accepted his lot, his voice was somber,
I knew that day, bedside he sat and talked with me, saddened by things out of his hands, the son
will always do as mother says, the man always silent as he stares at the ocean, he was alone and I
wondered why I was the only one who noticed

History repeats a cycle outside of time, on and on it will continue. That’s the truth, she is an illusion.”


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