The Secret

He summoned it
From the sunless depths
His ravings drove him mad
Lost and seeking answers
Beyond reality it came
In the night it coalesced
The sun would apt destroy
It writhed with contortions inhuman
A schorl heart ingrained
It consumed every moment
Never ate or drank
An eye of piercing darkness
In the center of it’s head
It watched him from the corner
His reflection of terror
His curiosity and intent
Forever shifting fingers
Secrets whispered in his ears
Foul and ancient
As he tried to rest
He dreamt of other universes
He watched it as it watched him
Days, nights, seconds
Growing tired by the minute
His hunger was unsated
Behind it’s silent door
He trembled
It would not go away
No matter how many rituals or incantations
It didn’t fade
Until its secrets drove him mad
And he drifted off to sleep
Regret came too late
No hope left
It crouched over his bed
Pushed it’s hands into his head
Fingers caressed every synapse
For days it melded
An exchange of two worlds
Inside his mind now attached
It became it’s home
His soul was now it’s cradle
He awoke
He was whole.


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