Deconstruction of a Star


I dream of unraveling galaxies and universes collapsing tenderly,
Waves of asteroids that collide in unity embracing
The beginning of time in the eye of birthing these memories,
Pushing through the corrosion and finding peace inside me
Accepted the challenge of adversity through love’s potency;
There is no better future than completion of self certainty
The planets speak your name to me and I know why
A familiar face and time that magics crept up inside me
Inside of you I see the days and years of unwavering need;
But such darkness corrupts love well meaning
Exploration of our dreams together as smiles and laughter;
My lover, my dreaming friend, yet always an illusion
I hope you shine on forever despite the crumbling
As the bursting stars leave me in their wake
I bled for you in love’s true embrace
Perhaps another time and another place,
Where we once knew the truth
And time never crept up between us,
Or the pain of the past never existed inside us
It will be so as I carry it to my rainy tomb
How I'd wish to hear it were true,
After all this time I know it's the game of a fool
As dusted as nebulae slipping through our fingers
Our love once was beautifully fragile,
   Yet so methodically doomed.


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