ENFP Journal: Shifting Sands

It was an interesting day, but I never miss the bigger picture.

I can see things from different angles constantly. Some people mistake that for me not wanting to take a standpoint on something when this is simply not the case. I have many standpoints. But these can shift like a wave if I’m presented something new to absorb and move around that anchor point to something more aligned with my internal compass. More often than not, I’m trying to understand you or your situation better. If someone has the patience to listen, they will eventually know how I feel about something or my opinion on it. Which can be based around experience that is deep rooted in my own worldview. What a person decides to do with that information afterwards is entirely up to them.

Living in the world of abstracts that I use to try and form a deeper thought of my surroundings and information I take in is an internal part of the tree that forms my thought process. I might be able to see things for the reality of what they are in their simplest form, but I’m always trying to figure out if there’s more to the question or the answer. Not that I can’t handle the simplistic, I definitely can and invite it. But it makes it difficult when one appears as a walking contradiction. It often leads to others wondering who I truly am yet knowing who I am at the same time. I’m constantly shifting, absorbing, experiencing. But there is something at the center of the exploration, in the center of the galaxy that shifts and forms in my mind; it just takes a bit of time to get to that point with me.

Some people can’t take that kind of thinking or it makes me appear outwardly as though I’m scattered in my patterns. Luckily this gives me the opportunity to see various viewpoints from various people. It's a pretty good thing. At times this can seem chaotic as I pick things up and explore them easily, learn quickly, or absorb it into me. There is usually a method to my madness but someone keeping up with me has always been an issue as I will shift my focus quickly. I'm working on that.

This doesn’t mean I have no morals, quite the contrary. It just means I’m always exploring the shifting sands inside my mind.


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