Outside of Sleeping and Haze

The lilacs of peace tie the curvaceous mouth of invitation in a frenzied dance of fire
a poignant sight of a million dreams that dance
Sky above that drains life from the stars that can't fall
In the maternal eye of pointed dreams
there is a putrid stain on the landscape of rigidity

Pouting and walking through the rain is the babe that wants dominion
it tied her hands and bound her to the insidious kiss which collides with her moan
Shoving her down and exploding her orgasmic twitch
A landscape corroded by the lions mouth consuming the gazelle
time is portrayed as a spiders fang with dandelion poison in her veins

With a falling star that exhumes future leafs crumbling
too many years of mindless music
Look through the binoculars
It's a slow motion Hindenburg that falls apart into dusty moth fingers
As a ring that was never given until too late
it means pustule cake
It never mattered as the otter sleeps under the pit of martyrdom
Poppy pop pop the bubble of relation
A conversation that says everything about the current state of affairs
Love can't bring about the supposed ten year promise

High above the fog as the moon drips into the streetlamp waves below
we all dream of the rabbit that hurriedly lures
It is madness but everyone comes to fruition of duplicity
Stepping into the portals of madness with gorgeous litany
he is simply perfected stripe to the mad hatters plight
and there is an Alice with blue and red potion
Bind me tight to the queen of hearts and see the hand so tight


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