The Mountain

Hi everyone! This is an old poem from many years ago that emotionally resurfaced today from being inspired by someone truly unique. Enjoy.

The mountain I have built around my heart
has been scaled by many yet barely discovered by some

I dug deep at it’s craters, and built up the peaks to perfection
A sheen of polished rock in beautiful juxtaposition

A soothing heat rises from the boiling waters below
as lava seeps from the cracks deep within

Warning the few who have tried to climb its depths
and blocked out those that have tried to kick up its stones in violence

Deep within the heart of this mountain lies the giant guardian owl
It feasts on delicious portions of bountiful food by moonlight

Ready to strike or halt a stealthy procession
of lustful lies or angry ambition

Caverns of wonder with puzzles abound
A prize for those who wish to stick around

Knights of gleaning armor preside
Ready to help those in need or protect from inside

Portions of kindness and words of strength
Give them shelter or be a friend, confidante, or mate

Yet if one is brave enough to find the ladder of unraveling rope
they might penetrate the life and soul of the mountain

Climbing ever so higher it can cause one to choke
Is it worth it when the rope almost broke?

If they reach its peak and the journey comes to end
at the top of the mountain a broken queen sits

Watching the teeming life below the mountain
Fascinated in wonder of their human natures

Amongst the flowers and statues
with a magnificent throne made of polished bones and regret

Swirling with memories of abandonment and lost love
Alone, suspicious, constant shade of hope, stain of death and wisdoms grip

Dreaming of the little bit of affections left behind by those that caused pain
As she writes, paints, and dreams of better days

Glowing thorned vines surround the brave ones approach
Some it might scare, others it might lure

She is connected to all the people below
Loves and hopes for their happiness

Yet harm is not her goal, only to bring out the best
In those who want to be her closest friends or confidants

But if you're brave and wait for night, the stars will shine and dance on sight
As they fall from the sky like tears of pixie blood with delight

The mountains dark smoke will rise
vibrant color will replace the smoldering canopy above

The queen will explode before you as she approaches in hand
with a reflection of her fondest memories to share

To create, to love and to dance with no fear of chance
All the darkness will quickly disappear and fear washes away

Then when you awaken in your bed, next to a pillow with her scent
The queen will become the lover instead

Only some have been this far and those that have she still loves
Even if they walked away, things changed, or it was too much pain

Life happens that way
and she knows the truth

With a wish of forever and never
You reached the top of the mountain and cracked the heart barrier

With her heart entwined in your grip
She will never run and give herself freely

Not to destroy but to grow and to love
To give what one needs to be strong

The walls she built around herself will soon become your shield
Converted to a battleground against those that wish to harm you

The queen converted to battlemaiden in your honor, she gives up her broken throne
and you stand in it’s place

As king, as lover, as her blood
She is strong, but together is stronger


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