Wolves at My Door

More than one comes howling for blood
As I watch from my window
A pack that wishes to crush
Yet behind the weaker wolves,
a greater of the rest
He shines quite majestically
I wonder if he knows my plight
As the others bite and claw at me

If he would lend an expert attack
Destroying them with his precision
Perhaps arming me
I know that's all he ever meant
But I have become quite an addict
To help with his words
And guide me
I am on a warpath that has crippled me
I'm sure he knows this
But I never meant to fling it towards him
I want to be his friend, I adore him
He is more glorious than he imagines
I hope for peace and will wait in silence
Learning my lesson
I really do find this expert wolf fantastic
Perhaps I've not said it enough
That makes me sad and I hope he knows that
for everything,
I thank him.


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