Darken me through this binded flesh
The desires hiding behind your affirming lips

Let me taste the air in your heaving lungs
As words slip from your moistened tongue

Pull me into your horizon with purpose
On my knees present the gilded apple to me

Tell me what I long to hear so feverishly
The pressure of a forked tongue that ravished me

A cup of sin drips down my throat
Whisper the questions that you want to hear

Punishing me with a forced confession
That brings to life my pleasures poison

It burns and lures my hungry need
The slow droplets of lusts elixir

It coils back and snaps at me corrosively
Sinking fangs in with a deceitful kiss

A song of listlessness in your eyes
The fire burns inside and curls around

Showering me with the insatiable knowledge
The entanglement of being human

I’m swallowed whole by these incantations
By the instinct of my own desires and fears

Pearls of ivory and sighs that shiver down my skin
Emotion flows through a primal stream of forbidden sin

Taste this bliss and open these floodgates confined

Of a heart puzzled and transfixed by love's design


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