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Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Forever gazing into the black encroaching
Eye look down and in your soul of loss
The eye caresses and drowns the voice in stares
It points to the morose in its own glare of mired drip
Down over with the hand and teeth grip
Blood on lips of the gruesome livid eye
Eye sees you and knows all as you meet with it
Room of eyes and putrid smiles of holiness
The sound drowns and water crowns the eye
Under dipping of Orion's belt as screams lost in waves
The eye screams with nectar born dead of plight
It looks across from the eye of judges
Pouring eye of liquid thrashing screams
Black silence forms from hands grip
The eye is there and sees all but says none
It looks down from it's cross
Eye can see but it has no voice

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