His head is over her
Screaming and shouting
Pointing and blaming
From the window she climbs
It has all but shattered
From the chaos
And hurt
It could no longer stand
She slowly moves towards the grave
Chained to the specter
Underneath the dying tree
She knew this would happen
A fire would rage from his eyes
Fury and anger
In part of design
And part her own destruction
She couldn't turn the tide
She crawls close to the grave
Fumbles around in her pockets
Until she finds a seed
Clamoring for it’s safety
Against the howling wind
She buries it deep
Next to the grave
Her fingers now stained
The ashen soil a marker
A testament to this disorder
She clutches onto the grave stone
Of the long forgotten child
Who once fell below
Much like her own suffering
She could feel it in her bones
Even if his eyes turned
And he continued on
Or his assaults destroyed her
“I will never let go.”
She whispered to none.


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