Down down down
I’m being pulled down
it stretches its hands
and twist its fingers
It grabs my legs
I’m sinking deeper
A sea of tears and silent rage
expressed to none

Down down down
the light is now long gone
I feel the void surround me
everything’s unknown
A viper coiling
he whispers to me
malcontent in my nature
the downfall of everything
take it from me

I try to find the answers
littered in this void
try to understand the darkness
where it hides
no breath in sight
soul melting with every fiber
pain and life coinciding
on the onyx landscape
Love a whisper
happiness in the rain
I see him there and reach
but nothing
is this fate or Ophelia
under the willow tree

down down deeper
there’s nothing left
no more light
he’s drinking from me
every essence
yet I don’t know this face
as I try to make sense
of this chaotic play

nothing left
but this abyssal war
love and madness
inside my mind
he always wins
I can never heal
the magnificently crowned
shadow of my dreams


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