Sometimes I wonder what is at the core of our insane hearts and reasoning minds. Are we all bound to a string that wraps through the moments of our past and future, only to wrap back around again to teach us the lessons of being the marvelously flawed human beings that we are? It’s a simple thought away from the innocent moments of being a child, climbing trees, knee scrapes, and first kisses. To the grown eyes of wisdom and age staring upon the stars above; dreaming of love and answers to questions that we’ll never receive. Every question only makes us dig deeper into ourselves. It’s wonderful but also disgusting.

Are those very stars we gaze upon a reflection of us, or are they just a reminder of what we could be? Taunting us with their beauty and shining vision of how bright we could shine if we could only reach such universal heights. Perhaps reaching such heights is all in the mind of the individual. Simple or overly complicated is the nature of our existence. Every minute something new happens: good, bad, or even mundane. Paving forward requires evolution beyond the fast grinding machine of tasks that fill our pockets with money to survive in this world. Nothing is free, or at least so our leaders and society tells us.

If our human nature is what pushes us forward, is eternal suffering yet poised to continue on in the name of something as hopeless as greed? That could simply be the course of progress. It’s truly a fascinating thought that we could one day become more than we are if only we had the gusto to accomplish it together. The hearts of people that see something wonderful in the grotesque and the simplistic are few and far between. Something truly authentic and at one with our humanity always jumps from our grasp as humans continuously spiral downward into a duality of destruction and life. It only gets more blurry by the minute. As the snake that eats itself, are we are only doomed to repeat it? The universe seems to think so.

It's hardly an original thought and even a banal one, but still worth pondering; until it's destroyed again. The real question is if this will fit on a t-shirt.


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