Take me behind the trees and cover me in your shadow
Your tongue can caresses this dryness
Run your hands all over me and show me your secrets
Take from me everything that I can give you
Drinking and discovering what this truly means

Look deep into my eyes as you slide and I grind
So soft and divine, our skin touching
Go slow, feel every second of what’s deserved
Breathe in slow as we crash finally
No more words, not again, stop talking

Exchanging what is supposed to be
Taste you, taste me
Give me what my body has ached for
Deeper, slower, feel every second of this wave
Blood inside my veins pulsating

I will give you what you need
I’ll rise and crown you
Deeper into the abyss we fall
Twisting around one another
Our bodies molding around us

The moon illuminates your skin
I hear your heartbeat inside me
Do you feel me?
Pure desire in immoral bliss
Exploring what never should be

Move in motion together yet again
This grave of serendipity as you lure me
To my death through your kiss
I could spend a thousand hours memorizing your moans
A thousand years of you inside me
Love is our memory

In rain and one another's dreams


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