The Strength of the Human Heart 3

Artwork by Eduardo Recife

December 3rd

I saw it again. The thing that sits on my bed. Shadow. It felt like me, is it me? It was over me. Imagination or reality? I could see through it. The television illuminated it. Paralyzed me. Nightmares again. Insomnia.

I awake once more after a deep sleep
Memories breaking away from my body
Is this recovery complete?
A streak of light from above bursts me
I am yet again given more air to continue
A small wind of hope
My fingers are raw from these new designs
I solve them quickly, meticulously
Sometimes slowly
Why do you elude me?
Where are these answers I seek?
I’ve been here before
I’ve been in silence for so long inside me
I can see the sky above me through the window
No longer ignoring the sun
I can hear my shadow crying behind every wall
calling out to me
I rush but only find this emptiness
The darkness inside, I can feel it
It consumes me and yet consumes it
How do I free myself from this torment?
If I can solve just one more puzzle
Turn another corner
Go down another hall
The water on the stones from rain
I kiss each stone, I’m so thirsty for answers and recovery
The sound of my heart and breath is inside every stone
I just want to reach it
Escape this dreary flight
I will make it
I will find me


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