Awakened Heart

This heart is caressed with a clench of uncertainty
Air in my lungs as I breathe in the night, love pulls at me

I hear you inside of me, a heartbeat unknown
It matches my own and connects in dreams

Can you answer my questions, naked moon?
Rip apart my soul and show me what’s missing?

Uplifted with every sign and synchronicity
The trees whisper to me yet hide the truth from me

Teach me connectivity that was lost so long ago
In this maze of my heart, which twists and turns so eagerly

I try to find the beauty of love’s simplicity
Is it in these raindrops or in a fevered kiss?

Can one forget the experience that destroys all concept?
When it takes away the belief in what the mind conceives?

The greatest teacher has focused its gaze directly on me
It reveals the truth of who I am and what I could be

When I lost my way and tried to find the answer to life
It only pushed me further away from truth’s embrace

I scattered like ash, with holes in my mind and emotions
Staring in the mirror at this crumbling reflection

There was nothing left but to let the darkness cradle me
As the stars burned through me in every moment

Release these chains and set me free, oh sun!
Through heat and pain I am shown my faults

A shadow that questions my own design
Tears away my reality and strips away pride

No more running and only ghosts to confront
I dared to live when I only dared to die again

With the sight of love and the warmth it portrays
In sound, dreams, and everything around me

I accept the fate of who I am to be
Lost and yet somehow I am finding my way

While the sun and moon sing a song to me
That speak of ancient dreams and eternity

Love will always and forever be

The only key to what burns inside of me


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