One Waves Song

Moments of heat as the sunset drops rings of orange dreams in the sky
Dripping through the points of silence and suggesting rain on the horizon

The fog rolls and twirls through the hills and lands on the beak of the robin
Mossy stones with softness, it perches and sings the lullaby of time passing

Deep beneath the street, the weary eyed sleep in catacombs of regrowth
But the living dream as they rest through the ages of the moon and sun

Plot and device abound in the endless wonder of a person's life etchings
As words and hope will always give fear the potent medicine of kindness

Living and growing as vines dance along the sidewalk that crumbles with time
The ocean gives birth to each wave with the foam as air to water splashing

What splendor waits for the open heart and the exploring mind of candor?
The highest order of love and peace behind every onion layer peeled deadly

It’s simple to reveal but never so easy to attain when it combusts one day
But the fire will purge the sting of the ancient poison to avoid Dante’s circles

The darkness and monsters of the human soul are carved in the beginning
In the end will they consume or deconstruct the black into light into reality?

As the human foot touches ground and holds a hand for the first time
In it’s form there is the truth of what will become a rainbow or storm

If pain is meant to teach us how to shed our own inventions
What will you face in the path of self reflection?

The universe explodes and waits for the moment one steps inside their core
Vanquishing the secret chambers that keep our true memories prisoner

What makes a man or woman a person in the light or in the dark?
Is the human to exist between both worlds and live in truth and love?

It is these thoughts that the mind will play out as an answer to philosophy
But the science of our design is just as important to create what we imagine

For what is the truest connection but those who show us the light inside
That are willing to face the pain of the dark with us if only for a moment

We are all part of the rolling fog and rain as it pours down on the robin’s breast
With sound and song to bring us home to our yearning love we once thought gone.


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