Like a demon summoned from the circle of lust, his secret name fell from her lips.

A guilty incantation that burns her emotion from a well placed whisper despite rejection.

He steps through her portal with intense hunger and burning vigor.

Sleek and striding, with a calm demeanor that hides his chaotic nature.

She knows her words can barely hold him as his clawed fingers beckon.

"Why have you called me little girl? You can't control me. Perhaps that is why you play with fire? Or is it something else you desire?"

"I've been casting this spell for aeons it seems. You're certainly not what I expected you'd be."

A wicked grin is thrown her way as he tries to break through ethereal chains.

"These can't hold me for long you know. You'll have to give in to me and your need."

She watched as he stared deep into her eyes; waiting for her to come a little bit closer.

She inched in with curiosity and a fever for completion. 

Something about him made her heart pour forward with anticipation.

"Can you love me like I love you? I still sometimes dream of you. Or is this temporary as they say?"

He ran his fingers through his hair and his thoughts collided.

"Don't be silly, my little one. I promise to love you. Now, let's pretend. Say my name again."


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