Friday, June 16, 2017


 My teeth grind

one more letter
one more crime
one more word
one more sentence

it means nothing to you
kept me hooked on a line
my heart might have broken
if you had the time to notice
and I was left behind
to fend for nothing
I won't forget you
my teeth grind
as I read it yet again
remind me please?
because I obviously didn’t notice
in your eyes
yes I get it

shove it down and rub it in
you’re just so good at it
because it’s not like I didn’t notice
as I loved you with abandon
perhaps you could see the world in my eyes
just for once
one more pretend kiss
one more time, right?
eight more times? ten?

oh the things I’ve said to you
that you don’t know
in my mind and dreams
spilled my guts out to you and for you
but what does that even mean?
when you’ve eaten them all up?
let me put it to you this way
Kindly Fuck Off

when it hits that point
as soon as you realize
what you need
I’ll be here

it’s just words though, right?
make believe
just like this shitty poem!
it never existed?

now someone please,
remind me why I care?
or continue to love?
guess it’s in my nature
just like you and your
bullshit behavior

it’s like riding a bull
or a pair of chattering teeth

Yeehaw motherfucker!

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