A Bittersweet Crime

The crime was committed and he took all that was left to give
A stain on the carpet from the night before and a lump in her throat

There was nothing she could do as she stumbled around
She was violated and ransacked of all her resolve

She didn’t know how much deeper her heart would sink
There wasn’t enough time for her to even get a glimpse of the crime

Like a piece of dirt simply wiped away from a shoe
Her own reflection in the kitchen tile replayed the memory

“Where will I go? What will I do now? I just wanted something sweet.
Something to call my own after everything I’ve seen.”

She saw him turn his back on her as he walked away with a grin
It was so quick, so insipid, he just didn’t care for her anymore

Her eyes almost welled up but she mustered the strength
“I’ve been through worse. This is nothing. Come on, please.”

But a loss of control overcame her and she reopened the wound
The light of the fridge reflected in her tired swollen eyes as she glared

An empty spot on the shelf where her gran's famous recipe once sat
Now ransacked by his greed and selfishness as he strolled away pleased

“Who does he think he is, now how will I satisfy this need?
That bastard ate all of my chocolate mousse, son of a bitch.”

Happy World Chocolate Day!


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