Never Forget

I stand before a chasm and watch as my life flashes before my eyes. A warmth was once in my heart and a song on my mind. There was once something I held here in my hands. Something so delicious and so lavish. Something I needed more than anything else, if even for the briefest of moments.

But like all things we love, it can sometimes be fleeting. Before we know it the light has escaped us. The beauty is drained and we’re left with not even a hint of what we once had. It disappears and leaves us wanting. Craving more of the very thing that is never going to last, even if we know it.

And yet, this signal the universe gives me I fully understand it. The signs and the portents almost never go hand in hand; but I pay attention to the whispers on the wind that tell me to never forget. To always remember that the future holds more of what I once had in hand. There will always be time. We always find a way to make things work in our lives. It’s not the end of the line my friend, because there is always time for one more trip down the block.

Hot cocoa is on sale and I’m stepping over that chasm to purchase what waits for me at the end of this thirsty path. I will be complete once again. As soon as that cup is in my hand. I won't give up!

Happy World Chocolate Day!


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