Tempted by the Devil

This need inside of me
Ravenous for just a taste
Just one taste of this wickedness

This hunger inside I can’t deny
When I gaze for too long it burns
I am enthralled and on fire

I move closer and closer
Hypnotized and overcome
Silently craving every piece

I know it’s wrong
The speed at which I succumb
It is uncanny and diabolic

I’m reaching towards it hungrily
I cry out because I am blinded
This sinister lust is my undoing

My vision is blinded by this desire
I am on a precipice and desperate
My grip is failing, someone stop me

It is too late and I have yielded
The wheel has turned
I am back again

What am I to do?
I can’t resist this savoriness
For this Devil’s Food Cake,

is my only weakness

Happy World Chocolate Day!


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