The Last Kiss

Tell me all of the secrets that hide behind your guarded disposition?
If I could reach inside and restore that which is missing inside me,
I would do so in a heartbeat, but I’m not a magician.
When the coming tide approaches and the night goes cold,
I’m lost without the feeling of that melting bliss on my tongue.
The sweetest taste is gone from my life and I am hungering alone.
I long, I pine, I can’t take anymore of these nights unsated.
I am begging, on my knees, yet again as I plead before you.
Just give me what I need as I run out of reasons and rhymes
Before you go and take away that which I know is mine.
You know it’s true, I know you do, I know you feel it too.
I know you want to give me what I crave and long for
I’m only asking one last time and then I’ll walk away.

Please, just let me have that last Hershey’s Kiss?

Happy World Chocolate Day!


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