Your Love is Sweet, But...

My love, I truly love you like no other
I really do you know
This love is such a wonderful thing
The human heart can make one soar
It can give so much
It can also want too much at times
I know I can be greedy but,
My love, I really do like you
You make me smile and dance
And sometimes I cry when I remember the good times
Because you generate so many feelings inside me all at once
Sometimes I feel weak at the sight of this love
And everything it does to me when I dream
Despite my strength of character
Despite my loss for words when I notice you
I continue to try so much
But love, I really have to tell you
It’s very important
Please don’t get angry
Please don’t get sad
Take your time
Sit down
Here, I made you some hot cocoa
One for me too actually
Please, just be patient with me
And just try to understand
This hurts and comes from the bottom of my..well..stomach
It cringes and stings
Feels kind of grumbly
But everything hinges on this truth
I think...
I think..

I might love chocolate more

Happy World Chocolate Day!


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