Diary of the Hapless Hero: Day 5


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Day 5

It was here...I saw it in the kitchen at 1 AM.

3 AM. Saw it again, the window of my bedroom. Whispering.

7 AM. A knock at the door.

Well well, Lucy appeared. It’s too bad I was too tired and sick to fight or even call the cops. She noticed the growth on my neck as soon as she saw me. Crazy woman just walked straight into my apartment even though I obviously didn’t want her too close.  She claimed it smelled rancid but I didn’t and still don’t smell a thing.
I told her that she’s the one who did this to me without hesitation but as soon as she was about to argue, something strange happened.
I could see her heart beating inside her chest. It was fierce, strong, and vibrant.  Pumping the blood that rushed through her arteries and coursed through her veins. It scared me.
She somehow knew what was happening and asked me if I could see inside her body. Then she had the balls to claim that it was working and everything would be alright. Alright? I don’t even know what the hell is going on and it’s getting worse! She has no idea what being “alright” is about.
I kept seeing things as she looked at me and asked me various questions and I asked if she saw the things I’ve been seeing but she said no. Then she claimed that she knew I was seeing them. Even now as I write this I see something climbing up the building across from mine. Long arms, claws, and a human torso without a head. It’s made of some kind of dark oily smoke.
Her heart kept speeding up as I asked her questions and if there was a cure. Is that because she was lying to me? Things got a bit hazy and I asked her why she did this to me. She told me some insane story about who I am and I still don’t believe her.
She told me some bullshit story about how I am some weird freak blood descendant of a long line of “unique” individuals that have otherworldly abilities. Apparently she’d been tracking me down for some time. I don’t know what she’s talking about, I’m just an average guy! Born and raised in the city, got a mother, no siblings, and my dad died a long time ago. There really is nothing special about me! It sounds like some movie I might of seen last summer. I listened anyway, wasn’t like I had much of a choice as I’m in serious amounts of pain.
After her short history lesson, she went on to claim that she merely activated the “dormant genes” with the shot she gave me; but the activation wasn’t without it’s side effects. Then some crap about abilities. She’s crazy, man.
There was a bag by her side that she said had another shot to stop the pain and side effects. Apparently without it my eyeballs might liquefy and promised me she could get rid of the growth on my neck within the next day.
I don’t trust her.
Even if she is fucking cute.
And I don't want to lose my eyeballs.
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