Open Eyes, Burning Soul

In the darkest night, I found myself amongst the cruelty of a life unfurled

With demon spittle and master illusion, it crept around me with confusion

Transfixed by the whispering ghoul, the sun beckoned me to the burning truth.

A thousand lifetimes and a thousand more could never prepare my soul for its own revelation

Burned by my undoing and pain, I caressed the truths inside me begging

I looked in the mirror for who was lost to time and a heart of stone sewn together

Only the shadowed blade could pierce my armor and cause the rising of the cleansing fires

Alone with every thought, every waking hour, every sleepless second

I forced myself to face the creation of my own flawed perception

In the days that followed, it destroyed my defenses and egoic construction

Inside each wound, I rediscovered my heart and began to destroy the abyss

The abyss that I created.


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